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Art exchange...

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Another ornament art exchange has come and gone.

This year the lovely Janne of Spindelmaker hosted it. I was skeptical I'd be able to pull it off, Arlin was sick, then I was sick...making 10-13 handmade pieces is tough stuff. But it seemed I wasn't the only one facing the holiday season stress as quite a few of the girls opted out of the exchange leaving only 4 of us. That was doable...

My creation:

First I sculpted my shape in aluminum foil then covered it with DAS paper clay. Once dry I came back with acrylic paints. My handy dremmel allowed me to make tiny holes for wire insertion through the tail and neck.

 (above) piece by Sandy Martin of New Mexico.

(above) sewn ornament by Janne Robberstad of Norway.

Janne's free motion is pretty amazing on the sewing machine!

(above) mixed media piece by Elizabeth Roberts of Alaska

Getting mail art is my favorite! Till next time my arting friends...

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  • Spindelmaker on

    I love-love-love the mermaid you made! I know we were only four, but we pretty much rocked the joint, don´t you think? ;-) Seriously, your mermaid is so lovely. You just make the cutest, prettiest things! Can I be your fan? :-D

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