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Fabric hunt...

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It's time to re-stock Baby Lux Design's fabric inventory.

Always a super exciting and nerve wracking process. Let's just say I definitely have a fabric addiction, always have really...

Because I love fabric so much I seem to get analysis paralysis just about every time I need to revamp my fabric inventory. There are so many yummy choices to choose from. 

But yet again I surrender to Japanese designer Etsuko Fuyura's's why:


All of these are on order and will be rolling out in Baby Lux Design's Spring-Summer 2014 skirt designs! I will also be selling cut yardage on Etsy.


*Interested in co-op fabric ordering? Or do you need more than a yard but not a whole bolt? Contact me in comments or on the contact us page!....I'm always open and have access to ordering more of Enchino fabrics!

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