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Shopify Card reader...

My new shopify card reader arrived yesterday in the mail. I'm switching to the Shopify POS system after using the Square card reader for the last three plus years...


Right off the bat I'm impressed.

The shopify card reader arrived well packaged with instructions on how to easily set-up your mobile device to start taking payments. It even came in it's own little hard plastic travel case, which will come in very handy when selling at markets and on the go.

In the above photo you can see a little black lip on the bottom of the card reader (where it reads by Roam) I think this is a genius move on shopify's of my biggest pet peeves of the square card reader although super compact and small- is that it would spin around and around the top of your phone while you were trying to swipe a credit card to accept payment, making you have to swipe the customer's card several times to get a clean read of the credit card...not exactly looking professional to the buyer.

The shopify reader stays in place with this ridge that rests level with the top of your phone if you're operating on an i-phone 4, or the bottom if you're on an i-phone 5 like the photo below- which the ridge is rests on the back side of the phone.

Another crazy cool feature...automatically when you upload the free i-phone mobile shopify app your store inventory is immediately at your fingertips to sell.... check it out:

Here is an i-phone screen shot of some of my store inventory. You can see on the right you have an Alphabet search index to quickly find the item you want to sell by it's product name. Wait, it gets even better:

Once I select the clothing item I'm selling I'm then taken to another screen prompt to select the size I want to sell. This is awesome!!! I'm so thrilled with this feature. Inventory tracking just got easier. No more trying to man handwritten tally sheets in the middle of chaos at the markets. Calculating, sales, inventory, what size and style are bestsellers all just got a little easier to track....shoot tax prepping may have just gotten easier! Win.


This card reader comes to you free. It also offers you a lower rate than Square and Paypal....


I'm looking forward to this market season!


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