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Dog Collar Flowers!

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Excited to announce Baby Lux Design's dog collar fabric flowers are now for sale at B.I. Barkery in the downtown Winslow Way shopping mall on Bainbridge Island.

These are super fun! Each uniquely handmade and adjustable to fit any size dog collar large or small. Easy velcro on off application slips right over the dog collar and securely fastens for a wild ride.

I brainstormed a few ideas on how to market display them and came up with using my business card. I cut two small slits on the front of the card and then slid the velcro straps through...

Kind of worked perfectly, each flower can stand up on their own. 

As of now these fabric flowers are exclusively at B.I. Barkery so go check em' out! Oh, and for those boy pups, B.I. Barkery sells adorable fabric bow ties. Keep those pups classy!

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