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Hall's Hill Labyrinth

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I continue to be amazed at the beauty all around me here on the Island.
I read a Labyrinth made entirely out of 25,000 pounds of found rocks, beach glass and trinkets from Bainbridge Island was finished this last summer by an Oregon artist by the name of Jeffrey Bale...and so it's been on my list for sometime to visit.
Over the holiday break we finally had some time to find it...only to our surprise it was practically in our own backyard. Yep, just down the road from where we live. They call it Halls Hill. It over looks the water of Port Blakely. There's even a covered wood carved bench swing to rest and take in the the magnificent partial view out to the sound.
Here's some i-phone photos I snapped of the labyrinth:

the view as you walk down the path from the road.

the water is just down the hill from the rock I'm standing on.

there are details with everystep to admire...

and colors so thoughtfully placed...

 The outer, 11th circuit is dedicated to the full moons of the year.

Artist Bale calls it the "Lunar Circuit"

In fact, every circuit is dedicated to something meaningful. The 10th circuit has 108 stones arranged like a Tibetan prayer bead necklace. And the 9 inner rings are dedicated to the 9 planets.

For a remarkable journey and great detail about the making of this Labyrinth you can visit Bale's blog here


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