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Doggie Handkerchiefs

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For littles or pups...reversible handkerchiefs are making their way into the Baby Lux Design's product line this 2015 Farmers Market season!!

They'll be made in machine washable FUN cotton sizes:

Small, Medium & Large (for Big pups!)

does it get any cuter?! Meet Scarlet, a Bainbridge Island very well loved pup.

Modeling a handkerchief I sewed out of one of my newer Japanese floral prints and green polkadot batik.

one side dirty? flip it and you're good to go.

action shot! so love this.

she's so sweet!!!

(Thank you Lisa! for letting me use your lil' model!)

The Bainbridge Farmers Market season OPEN is Saturday April 11th!

See you all there!



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