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Stay put...

Family & Friends might be therapy for me. Who knows.

So, we are not moving to Australia.


We got the news late last Friday.

How it all started anyways...Chad's employer approached him during his annual review about the possibility of relocating internationally about a month ago. Chad explained he had a definite desire to explore international work and living abroad. Within a week of this meeting management contacted Chad about a position open in Sydney Australia. Of course, Chad jumped at the opportunity! Australia was his dream! Was it finally going to come true?! That following Monday Chad was ordered to fly to Chicago,IL to meet with executives and talk about logistics and possibly iron out a contract to become director of operations for the Asia Pacific region, a title change and promotion (a big promotion). Only a couple days later, we had confirmation that we were moving our life to Australia!!!

We started calling movers, getting the dog ready, making plans for the sale of the house, our cars, storage for our keepsakes,the list really goes on and on. In the meantime Chad and I discussed countering his employers offer for more money to cover the actual moving cost because in due research we were learning it was really more expensive than we thought. And so Chad went back and asked for a small increase. With that days later,Chad receives a phone call explaining that they as a corporation they need to first exhaust all avenues of potential ex pats or local Australians that might be sufficient for the job task at hand. Followed by we will notify you within two weeks our decision. Major bummer to Chad, and to the both of us really, I was starting to wrap my head around the idea of living some where coastal again, being able to go to a beach with Arlin was exciting, not going to fib. So we drank some wine tried to relax and have positive thoughts about the move. Hoping that they wouldn't be able to find someone.

Short of a week they found a "junior" associate that's going to attempt the position(at least they hope) for a significantly less salary than they offered Chad.


Poor Chad's heart is broken once again. Moving to Australia has been his dream since he was twenty-three, when Chad and Jamie, his good friend from college had passports in hand and furniture in storage. They were literally on their way...when Chad got the news of Stella.
As scary as the big move may have been with Arlin and all... I would have done it in a heart beat! The opportunity to experience life abroad in a place Chad's dreamed of being, is something I'd never pass up. Ha- a place where there is no snow? I'm so there! But I'm sure this story has a "silver lining" as my mom says. We just have to believe that everything happens for a reason.

Funny the same afternoon Chad got the news we were not moving to Australia he was approached by a business colleague about business opportunities in San Diego, CA. And although I'm sure some of you think I'd be ecstatic for the chance to move back home, you'd be surprised to hear- that I'm beginning to be quite comfortable in my own skin here in Denver. Our house is well on it's way with great potential. Our kitchen floors are being replaced with new slate! Abby,Kiko and Palmer just bought a house not too far from us, Alex and Lorna, our good friends are having a baby boy in May, giving Arlin yet another play buddy (in addition to Palmer) There is so much good going on right here in our own backyard! To think about the cost of living increase in San Diego is kind of frightening to me. It would mean I'd have to go back in business with Lux Interior Design full time, which is not a bad thing by any means. It would actually make me happy, but the thought of sending Arlin to Day care does not make me happy. I'm really enjoying being a stay at home mommy and I'd prefer to work sporadically enabling me to be the primary care giver.

Oh, we shall see, tomorrow it could be Canada, or Chicago, no joke.

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  • Abby Woelfel on

    well, it is a bummer but i’m glad to have you here for now. i do realize that could change at any moment, but your mom is right. things happen for a reason and maybe if you would have gone now a dingo would have got your baby. sorry, have you seen that sinefeld? we love you and are happy to have you close by for now!

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