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Yesterday when Chad finished working he was on Papa duty so I could get dinner for the two of us ready. (Salmon, baked potato,and some steam broccoli and carrots-just in case you were wondering.) Chad put Arlin in his bebe pod seat on the sofa and placed a pot upside down on his lap and gave him a spoon. I had to interrupt the fun and replace the metal spoon with a wooden spoon...cause the whack in the face was coming any moment, better it be with a wooden spoon right?!
If you haven't already seen the video clip, you must check it out on Arlin Jack's blog at
I hurried to grab the video camera, I didn't care if I burnt every part of dinner, the giggles from Arlin were way too contagious! Chad and I laughed so hard. Arlin made the funniest face, almost bitting his lower lip as he smacked the wooden spoon against the pot. He thought it was pretty cool to make the bang bang sound all on his own.
This morning we were up early. Our little human alarm clock isn't phased one bit with the time change... like the rest of us adults are! While I made coffee Chad turned on a cartoon that plays on the On Demand channel that he said Arlin really liked. It's called Eebee Baby. Next thing I know Arlin is mesmerized by the boob tube, laughing away. I turned to the t.v to watch myself, the characters were banging on pots and pans making music, the picture on the t.v kept changing but every time the Eebee doll (pictured above) and friends started banging on the pot with the spoon Arlin started giggling! It's like he put the two together. Or at least Papa and I are convinced Arlin Jack is just this smart!!!
So, needless to say I'm waiting for the stores to open this morning, and I'm on a mad hunt to find this Eebee Baby doll for Captain Jack, Papa says he has to have it! And of course the DVD's too! The On Demand show on t.v is just 10 minute preview, so I'm on a mission today. I'm hoping they sell this funny looking guy at Rite Start because I still have a gift card from X-mas from grandpa Sarg. (This is the perfect toy to come from Master Sarg.!)

*Stay tuned!*

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  • Abby Woelfel

    so i have to make a comment to let you know there are some studies that have found a link between ADHD and television watching with infants. there still aren’t enough studies to really find a conclusive answer but there is a lot of info on the web. . .

    anyway, just wanted to share in case you hadn’t heard about this. the jury is still out but thought you might want to look into it.

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