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Denver Roller Dolls in the St. Patty's Day Parade!

parade Roller Derby rollerderby skating

Chad and I got up early Saturday morning to get ready to take the Light Rail with Arlin downtown to the Coors Field, to meet my fellow derby team mates. It was chilly so we bundled the Baby up in his pram, and got on our way. When we got off the Rail we met up with three girls from Denver Roller Dolls and walked about six blocks together to the staging area.

The Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade is the largest celebrated parade West of the Mississippi River!

We had a great turn out of derby skaters to represent for the Denver Roller Dolls! All of us had matching kelly green shirts with our derby names printed on the back. We skated through the 18 block parade in front of our green decorated truck, passing out candy to the kids and season schedules to adults. I couldn't believe how many people come out for this celebration... the city streets were crowded with cheering spectators!

The U.S. Army was also in the parade with us, they were staged in the next lane. Allowing me the opportunity to skate over and say Thank You for their service and to also tell them my Dad left that morning for Afghanistan to serve thirty days. They wished him "good luck" and tipped their hats. Captain Jack wore his "littlest green beret" green t-shirt in honor of Master Sarge. too! I was grateful to have gotten the chance to call him and say good luck and goodbye just in time before he caught his plane and the parade began.

Arlin and Chad got to ride in the parade truck behind us and be part of the fun. Chad video recorded most of the parade capturing some great footage of us. Only thing is we lost the back pack with the video camera and Arlin's baby stuff in the shuffle after the parade! We are keeping our fingers crossed it turns up...say a prayer for us!

All and all it was a super fun day for everyone!

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  • Abby Woelfel on

    we tried so hard to find a place to see you. it just wasn’t in the cards for us yesterday. oh well. . . you guys looked great though!

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