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The Draft...

draft Roller Derby rollerderby team

So the question is..."Will I be a Green Barrette, or will I be a Bad Apple?" Above are the two team logos...Green Barrette's wear a soldierette themed outfit and the Bad Apples wear a red and black dress. Hmmm, I don't think I really have a preference I'm just excited to be drafted to a team. (finally) Tonight I received my test score from the derby league test coordinator. I scored a 44, and am now officially a level A skater! I will be drafted to one of these teams this Wednesday afternoon.


There were nine sections we were graded on last night. Each category worth 1-5 points, highest possible score on the test= 50 O.k. so how it all works...Level A skaters are first of the bunch to be drafted by the two teams above ( No, you can't choose the team you're honored by whoever drafts you.) A- skaters are then also drafted to a team but they cannot compete in bouts. A- skaters must make attendance requirements along with committee participation and be invited to test up again in the upcoming months proving themselves as A level skaters. B scored skaters, are not drafted to teams at this time. They will follow the A- skaters and test up again in the upcoming months. Below is a break down of the grading.

Below 29= B 30-39= A- 40+= A

It's important they classify skaters and their ability level, for pairing purposes at practice. They almost always have us line up fast to fastest on the wall during practice so when we call off from 1-6 to split into groups/teams we are evenly spread to be fair in various drills and relays.

The actual test up last night kicked my butt! There were 17 skaters present to test up. We were graded on the following: skulling, toe stop runs, jumping over cones (without falling), crossing, striding (maintaining speed control and fluency), speed skating position (staying very low), falling ( safe & with quick recovery less than 3 seconds), catching the pack (after falling, graded on speed), blocking and skating with the pack (can you take hard hits?!) and last but not least timed laps...(on the derby track how fast can you skate 20 laps...timing on first 5 laps is a crucial sprint then can you maintain endurance completing the remainder 15 in under a certain set time?

I was extremely nervous lacing up my skates and a little queezy not knowing what to expect. The first drill was a slalom course and my most dreaded "cone jumping". I've had a mental block going on with these damn orange cones, like a demented love hate relationship. I know I can do it, but I get so worked up about em' that I over think my technique and end up sprawled out on the floor! It was rather nerve wrecking to be tested in front of an audience. We were not only being graded by a handful of recruiters, but all the other testers were standing there watching you. It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop! They called my name...

"Daf! You're up!"

I thought to myself...just charge it! Own those damn cones! I slalomed through the fist round of cones crossed smoothly around the corner and lined up for my toe stop run into the line up of three huge cones... I gained some momentum with my toe stop run and I didn't even think twice! I jumped as high as I could, landed not one, not two, but all three cones! This is my night!


Well... that was until the can you take a HIT? Drill! Let's just say I have a bruise the size of Hong Kong on my right hip, it's SO big it needs it own mug shot and derby name. The drill was 8 testers skating in a fast paced tight pack around the derby track, in addition to the pack they added 5 Mile High Club girls ( the elite skaters from our league) When the whistle blew and they shouted your name you had to skate low through the pack and take as many hard hits from the MHC skaters as you could without falling. The goal was to try and hit back maintaining your defense. I tell ya' these girls were like bulls in a china shop. I knew I had to muster up some liquid courage..."fake it till ya' make it!" I took four good hits, and then doom doom doom my last one, they were determined to knock me on my keister. Oh, and they did! I saw Primal Rage coming fast and furious on my inside so I bared down ready to take her hit with all my might...and all the sudden my other side is hip checked by Fiona Grapple! Both my feet were airborne! I could see my own toe stops on they way down... and down I went...splat! Right then the whistle blew, thank gosh my 45 seconds was over! At this point I knew if I could get through that drill I was golden.

Tonight although sore, I feel accomplished. I've worked so hard after having Arlin Jack to shake the baby weight and get back into my groove with skating and playing derby. I've learned the women's anatomy is really an amazing thing all it takes is a little bit of will power.

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