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Green Barrette!

It's official!

I was drafted yesterday afternoon to the Green Barrette's!
Camouflage and pink is the new skin... a "soldier-ette!" I attended my first scrimmage practice last night in Brighton and played with the big girls. The picture above captures my warm welcome "hip check" from one of our rival Bad Apples.

That's o.k...'Cause it won't be long till I'm making some A-p-p-l-e-s-a-u-c-e!!!

The scrimmage practice was intense and much different than the practices I'm used to attending. The caliber of skaters was ten fold, a much faster pace and overall serious tone. My legs were sore before we even started skating due to the core training warm up the captains lead us through. All active Referees were there, making minor and major calls sending some of us to the penalty box. The announcers were also there rockin' the microphone calling the plays and our names as we scrimmaged. I jammed during one of the periods and was well in the lead, until tripped by a Bad Apple, that's where I hip checked myself on the wood floor! Spectator skaters said you could hear my hip bone tap the floor.


I may be investing in some padded derby shorts. Although I once thought they were gay looking, I'm learning I may be lacking the proper amount of "fatty flesh" to cushion my hips and bum for falls and hard knocks. So, a little research may help.

I will be bouting in the first BOUT of the season April 11, 2008 at the Denver Coliseum. We are expecting about 2,500 fans in attendance to cheer us on! Wow. I am super excited and scared all at the same time. I have never skated in front of that many people before and to think I was nervous at test ups in front of maybe fifty girls?! There's a first for everything and I've made it this far, I'm sure I'll be alright.

ROOT...ROOT... for DAFNY PUNK #86er!!!


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