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Easter at the Larsens

Easter Family & Friends Holidays

Miss Stella Vita's giant pink Easter basket!
      • lots of Eggs full of Starburst Jelly beans
      • 7ft. Jump Rope
      • Dizzy Bunny (magnetic toy)
      • Froggy (makes ribbit sounds)
      • Russell Stover Chocolate bunny
      • T-shirt with "hip hop" monkey
      • 2 pairs of socks with pink hearts & frogs!
      • cool Pez dispenser and 3packs of Pez candy
      • light up fury bunny pen
      • cow marker that moos when you draw
      • Hello Kitty activity pad
      • light up Lips eraser
      • pink Bunny ears
I'd say looking back on the pictures snapped Miss Stella thought her Easter Basket was pretty darn cool. She ate more candy than the dentist would have recommended...but hey what's a kid to do! We had fun unwrapping the basket and checking out the goods. Dizzy Bunny and the Bunny ears I think were the favorites...Oh, and the monkey tee shirt went on right away! Arlin Jack got a little duckling that quacked too! He was pretty entertained as well...

Happy Easter everyone! Lots of love from Colorado...where it snowed! A crisp white Easter!

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