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House Fix remodel

Let the demo begin! Sweet music to my ears...bang away my friends, I am so happy to see this ugly white tile go away. We have about five guys working on the demolition of the kitchen, guest bedroom and laundry room floors. Funny when they came in this morning they asked if I was a derby skater, because they saw the Denver Roller Doll sticker on the back of my car. Yep, I sure am!

*Cool! Can you get us tickets!*

So, tonight at practice I'll pick up some pre-sale tickets to sell them tomorrow when the return to do more demo.

These are the latest additions to the house. Above is Chad's present to himself, I think to soothe the Australia news...a 42" flat screen t.v. and entertainment unit.

We also picked up this sectional too. The arms detach, and the backs recline turning the sofa into a queen size sleeper. The sofa also has storage all along the bottom, the cushions just lift up with built in pull handles. It's quite versatile. The upstairs studio is now Papa's hang out.

Chad put up new spot lights in the loft area, they look great especially from down in the kitchen.

We got an areo bed for family to stay with us over President's Day weekend and I actually like the way it turned out, so I think for now I'm just going to leave the space as a guest retreat. At least until the guest bedroom construction is finished!

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