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Held Captive...

House Fix remodel

The floor is completely demo'ed... leaving Captain Jack and I captive to the upstairs studio! So, much fun...


I am anxious to see progress. As the process is taking longer than expected! Patience is virtue when it comes to construction I suppose. All the white tile and wood bordering has been ripped up, as you can see in the middle picture taken yesterday. Then the guys put an enamel type floater to even out some of the floor where there were some dips and valley's from demo. The enamel was very potent smelling, giving me quite the headache. I figured it was bad for both me and the baby to stay in the house, so I opened up all the windows to air the kitchen out. Then left the house for a couple of hours to run errands with Arlin.

I picked up a new black and matte silver finish 52" ceiling fan to replace the ugly white and brass one that's high up in the kitchen now. I got it for a total deal at Home Depot, the place I can never seem to get away from! I went originally to find a new cellar door pull, and ended up buying the ceiling fan instead.

We went hunting for a piece of granite to replace the butcher block kitchen island top. Granite dealers in Colorado play a whole different game than I'm used to in San Diego. I miss Lux Interior Designs power and many connections right about now! I could have easily gotten us a remnant piece for a steal in Diego...not sure what we're going to do with the island at the moment.

mission incomplete :(

On the bright side, as of 10 am this morning we have 3 rows of slate installed in the sun room!!! I'll post pictures as soon as I can get back there without getting in the way!

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    let’s get together soon! tues, wed or fri!

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