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House Fix remodel slate flooring

Manitou Slate! Manitou is the color we picked out for our new kitchen floors...

Ain't it pretty?! May favorite are the pieces with the wild streaks of color. In the sunlight you can see all the orange and purple natural color variations.

I am in awe that it's almost complete. It looks so good, I can't hardly believe it's in my house.

I think Chad is pretty excited about it too! Over sushi dinner,Friday night, Chad said it was time we nestle in and really make this our home and that his burning itch to move was silly after he put some thought into it. (Although, he still feels Australia would be the only move worth it.)

We chatted about the perks of our house... it is in the perfect location to hop on the Light Rail for a three minute ride to Downtown Denver, for the city life experiences. We have ever so thoughtful neighbors that have two kids within a 6 month age range to Arlin. We are a 2 block walking distance to the top third elementary school in Colorado for captain Jack to attend. Not to mention the neighborhoods potential with all the growth happening over the next couple years. About six blocks away the old Gates Center has been demo'd and the city is in the midst of building a huge shopping area with a Sundance Theatre, bunch of bistro type eateries, etc. The projects finish date is estimated 2011. I can only hope this will add value to our home.

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  • Abby Woelfel on

    your house is awesome! it looks so great! i cant wait till we can redo our kitchen. you guys should plan a vacation to australia. maybe that would help, or maybe just some where warm!

    would love to see you this week, let me know when works for you! xo

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