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Custom Onesie...

Laura Grogan better known as Savage Lucy, yes, a fellow derby mate indeed, asked if I would paint her and her husband (Victor) a custom onesie for "Sweet Pea" as they call "he" OR "she" to wear to come home in from the hospital. Laura asked if I could possibly manage to squeeze enough time in to complete the special onesie within just one short calendar week as she had received urgent news that she was going to have an induced C-section due to complications with her placenta.

I agreed, having no idea what was in store for me to create!

Laura (better know to me as Savage Lucy:-)) had really no idea what she wanted but was able to give me a LOT of content/ideas that were important for me to incorporate in the onesie design. I'll list her wishes...

  • Laura and Victor met in Breckenridge on a ski lift while snowboarding
  • They went to Bangkok for a vacation, and on the airplane Victor put headphones on Laura and played one of his favorite songs by Death Cab for Cuties " the song goes something like this... We've seen it all...from Bangkok to Calgary on the soles of our shoes..."
  • So because of that song, Laura took Victor to Calgary and they went Heli boarding
  • They were engaged at the Kicking Horse resort in Canada.
  • They married in Maui
  • They honeymooned in the Galapagos Islands (were they conceived Sweet Pea!)
  • Oh, and we don't know the sex of Sweet's a surprise!

Laura says "So I'm not an artist and have no idea how you can incorporate all this things I've told you, but as you can see, music and travel are extremely important to Victor (V.C.R) and I." (L.M.G)

*Hmm...I am an artist, but I must admit I was challenged with this one! I sat stumped, I was baffled with all the stories identifying that there is really only so much space on a tiny newborn onesie to incorporate the entire wish list. But, hey, mama loves challenges!

So... I said I'd do it and of course I had to make a special trip to for a hospital delivery. I probably wasted 20 sheets of art paper trying sketch out my ideas. How was it going to have rhyme or reason? I knew it was going to have to be quite "whimsical" to capture even half of Laura and Victors ideas.

Then it came to me... the design you see in these pictures. Laura always refers to the baby as Sweet Pea...

*Do peas grow in trees?*

Ha..they DO in this whimsical world! :-) I imagined a chacteristic tree with branches unraveling the many stories Laura had shared with me over emails.

I'll briefly try to explain each branch...O.k. so I didn't want to write Death Cab for Cutie on the onesie, 'cause I think the word "death" relating to anything around a baby is just oddly strange. So, the headphones represent the parents to be's song and the importance of music to them. Then a branch with pretty little Hibiscus flower popular to Maui...where the couple got married. And in the upper region of the onesie, you'll see a mini version of the Galapagos Islands...where "Sweet Pea" was conceived! I also carved a heart in the tree to add the couples initials...

Well, I got four out of what six, or seven thingys?! I was impressed with how colorful the onesie was when completely finished. Laura and Victor were so excited to see it. And healthy baby Lacy Mae was styling in her custom onesie for her special trip home.

Laura and I are working on another handful of onesies for Lacy and a few of her expecting friends. stay tuned for more creations!

and just in case you forgot...tell a friend!

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  • Abby Woelfel

    its gorgeous! any day this week i’ll make time for ya!

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