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A rockin'...

Misc. Creations! painting Paintings rockabilly style

Thank you!

Derby style. Yep, I've got the artist itch...I can't stop drawing and painting. I think it's been my therapy through the construction/remodel and being bound to the upstairs studio area.
Whatever the reason be, I'm enjoying it.

I painted this to say thank you to Amy Lou aka Siouxsicide Bomb, a derby buddy of mine, for watching Arlin Jack sometimes when I'm at practice. Siouxsi lives directly across from the rink, making it awesomely convenient. And she loves little man, taking dibs on watching him over others! Captain Jack does really well with her, so I feel super comfortable leaving him for a couple hours. Chad's had a lot of business travel lately. Most of the travel was scheduled before I was drafted to a team and had my practice requirements changed.

So this was my way of saying RawK!

Looking forward to May...Siouxsi and I are both Interleague Representatives for the Denver Roller Dolls for WFTDA (Womens Flat Track Derby Association) which is an international organization. Denver Roller Dolls is funding our travels to attend "Brew Con," in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Wftda has an annual meeting, where representatives from every derby league around the world come to join forces, discuss and vote on hundreds derby related issues. (such as code of conduct, H.R. topics, rules and regulations of the game etc.)

Siouxsi and I are working as we speak... on a "newbie" league mentoring program in which we will have to pitch our proposal at "Brew Con" in a power point presentation. We are also working on hosting the annual Wftda meeting in Denver next Year! It's a lot of planning and organizing...and my o.c.d. seems to be loving it! ha.

Signing fast...skate faster!

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