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Just when it seems like there are no decent people left on earth, I'm pleasantly surprised.

Cause admittedly I had lost hope for awhile...

I got home today from taking Chad to RS Motorsports (Joel's shop) to work on his BMW, in which he's adding some custom parts. I logged on to my email to find one titled "backpack" from Crashdance, the event planner for Denver Roller Dolls. I clicked open to expect that she had finally heard word that there was NO back pack turned into the lost in found to the parade directors or the Coors Field. Mind you I had emailed everyone and anyone I could think of in the vicinity Chad thought he left the back pack at the St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 15th.

OMG!!! To my sweet surprise the email read...

Hey Dafny,
So I finally heard back from the St. Patrick's Day Parade people about your backpack. A friend of a woman on the parade committee found a backpack next to her car after the parade. She lives in Wyoming, but is willing to ship it back to you. Her name is Cammy and her number is 307.548.----. Give her a call so you can confirm whether or not the backpack is yours...

What?! Could it be? Our backpack with the video camera and all of Arlin's bottles and clothes be the one this woman has found?!....and taken back to Wyoming??

I couldn't get on the phone fast enough to dial up "Cammy" in Wyoming to see if it was our back pack she had found. I was in awe by how nice she was on the phone. She had me describe the color and size of the back pack and all the contents. I rattled off all the things 100 miles per minute, quite I couldn't wait for her response.

Cammy laughed and said...Well, looks I have your backpack! She explained that when she found it by her car with no one in sight, she peeked in to see the video camera and the baby belongings. She knew the back pack would be better off in her possession taken back to Wyoming till she could spend the time and research who it really belonged to. It took her and her husband, both technology challenged a week to figure out how to play the video tape back. Once they did they saw clips of Arlin and Chad and I around the house and at the end of the tape, a group of girls wearing their roller skates, obviously participants in the parade...

Cammy's good friend, Trudy, happened to be one of the parade coordinators, so she called her and described what she saw in the video recording and that she had found this back pack probably worth a lot of money. It was then pieced together by the location where Cammy found the backpack and the detailing of the group on roller skates that it may happen to belong to someone in the Denver Roller Dolls! Trudy and Cammy were nice enough to contact our events committee head, Crashdance to notify her they had found a back pack!

Cammy and I talked for about 10 minutes, I couldn't thank her enough for being such an honest person and for spending the time to find us. She had a good laugh hearing about my mom's withdrawals not being able to see captain Jack's video blogs. She a grandma herself said she completely understood just how precious capturing pictures and video of grandkids is! :)

Funny we just ordered a replacement video camera yesterday, thanks to Pammaw ( my mom's Birthday gift to Chad)...but that's o.k. We'll sell the older one and keep the new upgraded version Chad ordered...that's after we pull off all the video footage!!!

There ARE nice people out there!

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