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Wu Casa...

House Fix house fix remodel

We worked on the front yard pond all day Saturday before we went to a derby bout in Stapleton...fully drained the water out of the pond then we pulled all the rocks out and rid them of their algae growth...yuk! But surprisingly it looks really good again.

Mission accomplished, guess the front pond stays for now (we were going to fill it up with dirt and be done with it!)

Now, the backyard pond that's a whole nother story! It's beyond a health hazard! Pretty comical calling porta-potty companies to come out and drain it...I couldn't help but laugh this weekend making these inquiring phone calls. Sadly we had no luck in finding someone to come out and do it...

And, a couple shots of the new floors with the new baseboards put in! The pictures just don't do the slate justice, it really is beautiful, I am so happy with the transformation.

o.k. gotta go Captain Jack is hungry!!! Over & Out :)

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  • Abby Woelfel on

    wow looks really amazing! i love love love it!

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