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Woo Hoo! Green Barrettes WON the 2008 season opener vs. the Bad Apples!

There were tons of people at the Denver Coliseum waiting for the doors to open at 7 o'clock. And boy did those fans definitely get their money's worth!

The Green Barrettes came out strong in the first period, pulling ahead by 20 points or so. But then the Bad Apples hit back harder not only coming back but they were winning by 30 points at the end of the first 30 minute period.

In the second period, the Green Barrettes worked together setting strategy in place to bust out scoring the points necessary to catch up bringing the score back slowly but surely. There were lots of penalties on both sides (luckily I was not one of them allowing me to play) and both teams worked some power jam magic.

The last jam saw Sheila Tack in the penalty box and Boo Boo Radley jamming to score the winning point for the GBs.

We won by ONE POINT! Final score was 103 to 102.

Stella won a poster contest during intermission winning a Girls Rock music cd and tee-shirt, and lots of pictures taken with other contesters! She was extremely excited about the whole evening! Right along with Chad who lost his voice cheering the GB's ON!!!

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  • Abby Woelfel

    so are you bouting the 16th? Of course that’s my finals week and i have a final at 9 am on the 17th, wtf? the gods are working against me. i’ll make the ones this summer for sure.

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