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That's how I Roll...

Roller Derby rollerderby

Above the Riedell 595 all leather boot with titanium plates.

The Cadillac DeVille, the cream of the crop, the sugar in my coffee, the top shelf margarita, the real butter... hahha!

So, I am graduating to new skates faster than I had planned on...I ordered these bad boys last night after practice. Rockett, the rink owner where Denver Roller Dolls practice (and star player for our league) offers us a discount on skates...cause geez these suckers are not cheap!

The breakage... in the last half hour of practice on Sunday night we broke up into four teams by wearing colored "pennies". Pennies are the stinkiest jerseys around. No joke, they stay in a bin at the rink till one of us gets so grossed out by the stinky-ness that we volunteer to take them all home and wash em'! Anyways, we were scrimmaging and I was the jammer for the yellow team. I came fast around the turn and dropped my left foot down to brace a block from another skater

*and SNAP!*

My toe stop, nut, washer and half the threaded piping on my skate plate that holds all the above in place rolled off behind me! Luckily ever body stopped me right away before I found out on my own I had no toe stop to stop with on my power foot. If you have no toe stop in tact you basically eat rink for dinner.

These gems have been ordered! skates should be here Monday!

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