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Bout Time!

Roller Derby rollerderby

This weekend we (the Denver Roller Dolls) a mixed group of players from our two home teams the Green Barrettes and the Bad Apples bout against the Pikes Peak Derby Dames of Colorado Springs. We called ourselves the "Lucky Harms" (because we all wore our green shirts from the St. Patty's Day parade)

It was an amazing bout. Lucky Harms worked together with strategy in place defeating the Pikes Peak Derby Dames Slamazons team by 69 points! Yes, indeed the final score was 125 to 56.

The second picture is me on the jammer line waiting for the whistle to blow.

The third picture is us circling the derby track for the announcers to introduce us to the crowd I'm the third back in the line.

Fourth picture is me (wearing the star helmet cover) taking lead jammer status, Crash Dance in the gold helmet is assisting me.

And last picture is me jamming again. All pictures courtesy of Fred @ Wildside Photography.

Our team got wind that their floor at the City Auditorium was super slick so last Tuesday we all ordered "Flat Outs" a type of grippy wheel. It's only necessary to change out four wheels, two on each skate to help add some grip and pushing power to your skates. So we paired up and ordered sets then split the cost between two girls. The wheels really helped all of us.

I was surprised at how many of our Mile High Club skaters traveled to support and cheer us on! We were one rowdy bunch, even at the after party, we had quite the dance circle going! Chad and I had the luxury of joining the after party fun and staying overnight in a hotel walking distance from the festivities without Arlin Jack. Yes, we finally did it! We got a babysitter... a good friend of ours, Joel, offered to watch him overnight for us. I think I packed the world and then some...a bit excessive for just an overnight stay! I did great saying goodbye then as soon as we got in the car and drove off I totally teared up.

Actually, I don't think Captain Jack minded one bit that we were gone. Joel reported today when we picked him up that he was happiest baby the whole time, they played, went for a walk to the store, downloaded some baby classical and country music and...What? "He slept through the night?!" had to wake him up this morning??! Ummm o.k?!

I'm super happy our first experience away from the baby went smooth. And I'm ecstatic we WON!

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