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This morning was slightly depressing for mama. My left knee has been bugging me for several weeks now after I took a spill at derby scrimmage practice quite sometime ago. I thought when I went to AZ to visit my Mom and Grandpa that a week away from skating would help fix whatever it was. However, when I returned to practicing it seemed to still bother me. But it was only if I moved it certain ways. Daily chores would sometimes bother me like sitting Indian-style on the floor with A.J. or kneeling down on my knee to pick something up. Then this last weekend when I bouted in the Springs against the Pikes Peak girls I fell on it just right and it literally took my breath away. It took me a good minute or so to get going again to catch up with my team. Finally a reality check for me that something might really be wrong with it.

So, yesterday begrudgingly I went to Rocky Mountain Urgent Care near by our house to have an X-ray taken. To my surprise the male doctor had a fascination with the fact I was a roller derby girl, within the first 5 minutes of conversation he asked me if I had children? was the father in the baby's life? well, are you married? And did I know a derby skater named M.I.L.F (I'm assuming we all know what Milf means- basically hey mother wanna 'nother?!) Ew, gross!

O.k. So, I was a little uncomfortable at this point to say the least. The physician was a nerdy pervert!

Anyways, "Dr. Bloom" told me an X-ray would serve no purpose because you'd only be able to see bone damage and obviously because I was able to walk into the office, my injury was deeper in the muscle or tissue...which only a MRI scan would be able to give the answers as to what is wrong. The physician asked me a bunch of questions as he had me lay down and stretch showing which directions I had discomfort. While we were in the midst of doing this I heard a slight pop.


The doctor seemed quite confident at that moment I had a "Meniscus Tear" in my knee. Our visit was then over and I was given instructions to seek an Orthopedic Surgeon to have an MRI ordered and possible corrective surgery.

After my own research online it seems the only fix for a "Meniscus Tear" is surgery. Of course online researching only feeds the brain with the worst case scenario...kind of like falling when I was pregnant with Arlin then freaking myself out that he stopped kicking! You can only imagine what the internet tells you can happen should you fall during pregnancy! (& we ALL know nothing is wrong with captain Jack)

Enough research, I had to get our of the house. It was a beautiful day yesterday, So I packed up bottles and a blanket and Arlin and I went on the longest walk I've ever been on in Denver. I think we walked 2o blocks, we were almost downtown Denver, then we walked back and stopped at Platt Park to lounge around in the shade for another couple hours. Arlin always makes me feel better, no matter what's going on. I snapped these shots, wish I had the video camera with me, our little camper is literally almost crawling, take his socks off and give him some friction...and he's a M-O-V-I-N'!

I have an appointment with Dr. Zinis this Tuesday for an MRI scan and evaluation, grateful he is a referral from Siouxsi and he's also covered under our insurance. Please keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm praying that the pervert urgent care doctor was just a loser that didn't know what he was talking about!

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  • Abby Woelfel on

    fingers crossed lady! that sucks, but don’t get too down until you find out for sure. love the pictures!

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