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Mother's Day...

Mothers Day weekend was mellow.

Saturday we went to a birthday party,then shopping for summer clothes for Stella at Target. Got her a dress, three pairs of shorts, three tank tops, pair of tennis shoes, socks, and a couple of skirts (skorts) We then caught an early dinner with some Sangria!

Saturday night when we got home I had a crazy urge to cook for the BBQ at Kiko and Abby's new place. So, I headed to the grocery store and picked up some ingredients to make a fiesta pasta salad- a new recipe, I also made some Cajun style deviled eggs.... and cranberry drop cookies (also a first time recipe) & yummy they were good! Poor Chad's diet blew out the window this weekend...he was my guinea taste tester!

I thought to myself while I was cooking "Geez you'd think my mom was here, and I was cooking for her!" ( wish you were mom! I am actually not that bad of a cook believe it or not.)

These are a few pictures of the weekend fun, it was quiet and relaxing. I have a whole new perspective of Mother's Day, now that I am one.

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