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This week was fantastic...and full. Here's the run down...

Chad and I went shopping for the post pregnancy jeans he promised me Wednesday. We kind of had this on going banter since Christmas time when we decided to start the Body for Life diet as our New Years resolution. The barter/bet/ whatever you wanna call it was that if I lost all the baby weight Chad would buy me a pair of Rock & Republic jeans or something equivalent in style/price.
The baby weight is off. So, jean hunting early Wednesday evening we went! I actually ended up liking a pair of True Religion jeans the best.After trying on Citizens of Humanity, Hudson's, Diesel, and Rock & Republics... I scored a super hip pair. And I must say I felt like I was a rock star with a sugar daddy while checking out at the store register.
NEVER, in my life did I think I'd ever rock a pair of $180 dollar jeans! I used to surf True Religion jeans all the time on E-bay years ago with the hopes I'd get lucky but of course my bids were never high enough. Chad actually thinks he scored in this whole deal...because the Rock & Republic jeans were $346! Ouch!
After shopping, we enjoyed dinner at one of our local neighbor hood pubs with Marco and Sarah, who were in from New York (Sarah only for the night, Marco in for a few days doing business) It was nice to catch up on time passed since Xmas. They both couldn't believe the weight I had lost. It felt good to show off my new jeans-as both of them rock the Republics! :)
Friday we had a derby bout at the Coliseum and although I sadly was not in it because of my bum knee (details to follow this Tuesday) I called the line ups for my team on the bench with another team mate of mine and learned a whole new perspective of derby and the game itself. My team, the Green Barrettes lost by ten points, in the last few minutes of the bout.
After the bout was over Marco, Chad and I went out downtown Denver with one of Marco's clients Chris Kirkpatrick a singer from N'SYNC. ( a boy band from the 90's) It was once again a reminder just how much Chad and I love being at home with little man. I swear it's way more fun to dance in my own kitchen and not wait in line for another drink or the bathroom!
Saturday Chad and I took little man grocery shopping and experimented with Grandma's shopping cart cover. Captain Jack loved it! He had the best seat in the house, and after a half in hour of shopping madness he found his little custom made pillow and crashed out for the remainder of the grocery store adventure. Chad and I decided in the store to call Abby and Kiko to see if they wanted to BBQ with us.
These pictures are courtesy of aunt Abby. It was a perfect day in the park, the weather couldn't have been any nicer! We hung out at the house and ate a bunch of different amazing cheeses that Abby and Kiko brought over...then we went to play at Platt Park across the way from our place.
Sunday was our major milestone with little man. He crawled all the way across the sectional sofa to retrieve the t.v. remote! It was so cool! Chad and I got out the video camera and captured it. Stay tuned for a posting after papa uploads and edits it!

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  • Abby Woelfel on

    yey for crawling! a whole new thang now!

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