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Note to self...

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Note to self...never fly Midwest...ever.

So, last Thursday Chad and Captain Jack dropped me off at the D.I.A airport after a stressful car ride there. We sat in the craziest traffic from a truck that turned over on the freeway. I met Siouxsi late but we managed to both get our bags checked in and were then told our flight was delayed by at least and hour and half. We both sighed but thought what the hell lets go grab some food and a beer while we wait.

Mind you this is what a gentleman standing behind a Midwest counter told us. Not only was our flight delayed but it had changed it's gate two or three times. There was a Rock Bottom restaurant right in front of our new designated gate... it was perfect to pass time in. We ate, enjoyed a beer then walked over to our gate fifteen minutes early to see the sign say Seattle? What? I asked the counterhelp at the gate where the flight for Milwaukee was and she said what airline are you flying? Midwest? Yes! Oh, I don't deal with Midwest your going to have to go back over to gate 33. But they told us at gate 33 to come to you at gate 29 and that our flight was delayed!

So, Siouxsi and I shuffled over to the first counter/gate we checked in at and they said... "Oh that flight left awhile ago." (four minutes ago to be exact) We made several pages and no one came!

(Oh my gosh... I haven't missed a flight since I was 18 in Paris France!)

I couldn't believe how rude this woman was. We explained to her that a gentleman at gate 33 told us the flight was delayed and our gate was changed to number 29. Her response to that was

"It's not my fault you listened to a representative from another airline."

Excuse me! He was standing behind the Midwest counter in a uniform!

"Well, I can't help you shouldn't have gone to get something to eat."

I swear I felt like punching her in the mouth. Can you at least get us on the next flight out? Which wasn't until 9:40 am the next day...putting us half day late to our WFTDA conference. Ugh!!!

Chad drove back out to the airport and picked me up with teething Jack.

The next morning I had a bad feeling about the witch attendant whom said she'd put us on the next flight so I called Midwest and was on hold for 12 minutes before someone answered.

I knew it! That lady put us on standby...on a FULL flight! Mary, the lady on the phone was like
"I hate to break it to ya' but you're not going to Milwaukee today."

My chest got all flushed and hot, I was on the D. Defense big time, bound and determined to prove my story and get both Siouxsi and I on that next flight. After arguing a bit, I took a deep breath to try and come down enough to muster up an apology- Mary who had nothing to do with the situation was in Milwaukee trying to ratify the problem. Something about my apology made Mary put me on hold. When she came back onto the phone she confirmed our check-in time, gate number and our seat numbers for both Siouxsi and I! Thank you Thank you Mary! You are a diamond in the rough.

Our ill experience didn't stop there though. Poor Siouxsi had HOT coffee split on her arm on the flight out there and the flight attendant was super rude about it. Never said she was sorry just asked if Siouxsi needed a napkin like she was lame for even acknowledging her arm hairs were singed! And on the flight back home the two attendants pushing the beverage-cookie cart barreled by wedging Siouxsi leg that was slightly in the isle between the seat in front of her and the metal cookie cart. OUCH!!!

Needless to say we were both happy to exit the plane back home in Denver.

WFTDA was awesome though...we met a lot of powerful women who rock the derby world on skates. Some seriously fierce women at scrimmage on Saturday. I met some cool girls from Sacramento, if I'm ever out there, I will for sure look them up to drop in one of their practices.

Chad didn't burn the house down while I was gone...but he took me out to dinner after picking me up from the airport. I also got a back rub when we got home?! I think that's the first in life of our relationship! It was obvious I was missed. Feels good to know Papa maybe realizes just how much Mama does round here!

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