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Denver People's Fair

Arlin Jack is eight months old! I can't believe how time is flying. He is beginning to look like a little boy more and more everyday. Yesterday we took him to the Denver People's Fair and had some fun in the sun. When we first got to the fair we signed up for a raffle to win a scooter and get a beer, the man that served us was cooing at Captain Jack...

"Well isn't he a cute little guy! Looks like his about the same age as my grandson."

I asked doubting..."Really? how old is your grandson?"

"My grandboy is 17 months."

"Ha. Arlin is eight months old today, YA... he is a big boy!"

The man laughed and commented that I said it like it hurt. No, it's just that we get it all the time! I don't know where Arlin gets it- Chad and I are both not big boned people???

Little man is officially teething, day adventures are still o.k. but come 7 o' clock in the evening he wants to be at home, in his crib, with the ceiling fan on, fast asleep. Being out and about at night is getting to be a bit more challenging. Chad and I had made plans to attend the Golden Super Cruise, a car show event Saturday night to help the Denver Roller Dolls flyer for the upcoming bout but we had to pass when A.J. hit the wall at the fair, expiring his last diaper-about 6:30pm. Man let me tell ya' this kid can poop. ha.

So we headed home and put little man down for the night. Then I headed to Blockbuster and rented some movies for us to watch. It's been really warm here lately, warm enough we went to Home Depot last week and bought a window air conditioner for the upstairs t.v. studio. It was relaxing and cool...good movie too! (We Own the Night- with Mark Walhberg)

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