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Latest Creation...

misc creations Misc. Creations!

Latest creation...or should I say therapy work. Just call me Martha Stewart.

So, we need to bring a white and black tank top to our Wednesday night scrimmage practices. Cause we never know what color the trainers are going to make us, sometimes they divide the Mile High Club players amongst the Bad Apples and the Green Barrettes.

I've always had tons of black tank tops with my derby name but never white. And ofcourse the past six r so scrimmages I'm always chosen to wear white. The white tank top with my name in sharpie marker was lame and getting old. I thought I'd get creative and see what fabric Walmart had in store. I got 2" stencil letters to trace for the more military look, and painted them hot pink on some thick camouflage print fabric. I then cut out and hand sewed them with hot pink thread.

I was super happy with they way it turned out...I think I want to start making derby girl accessories. I am making my Black and Blue Ball dress for RollerCon in Vegas...stay tuned!

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