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On a whim...

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Chad and I have been super busy. It always seems like something is going on and time with each other is limited. Chad really wanted to take the new car for a drive up to the mountains so and go "exploring " as he calls it. So, we did. After finishing the majority of work for the morning we jetted out of the house, grabbed some lunch and headed towards Georgetown.

We ended up in an area called Guanella, that has scattered camp sites tucked in the mountain range near Clear Creek. Wow, it was beautiful, and a bit bizarre to still see some snow atop the mountains- it's almost August! Needless to say I was under dressed in my shorts and flip-flops. Thank gosh I packed warm clothes and a blanket for Captain Jack. As a mother you may forget about yourself- but never the little guy!

We got some fun pictures when we stopped at the top. Arlin really likes to cruise around in the back pack carrier. He has probably the best view of anyone, not to mention it keeps him warm. On our drive down the other side of the mountain we passed Duck Creek and the Coors' residence, they have quite a bit of land.

So, I probably did an illegal thing- I took an aspen tree home with us- Yep the last picture is me in the middle of the woods pulling out a baby Aspen. There was a sign not to far from where we were that said tree cutting and removal allowed for fueling. I'm not exactly sure I was following the Ranger's rules on this one. I knew the only thing I'd be fueling was my desire to get home and see just where I was going to plant this new little Aspen of mine!

I've been in love with Aspen trees ever since we drove through Independence Pass, 4th of July weekend. I think they are gorgeous and I want them for sure to be incorporated in our back yard landscaping- Yes! We finally had a landscaper come out and give us an estimate on the removal of the pond and redesigning of the landscape- So I'm hoping we'll have some type of yard before the summer is over!

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  • team woelfel on

    cute pictures! i love aspens too, they don’t live as long at lower altitudes i’ve read. i can’t remember how long though.

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