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This little piggy...

I know, I know... it's been forever and a day since I've blogged. Life has been beyond chaotic at the Larsen household. Mama has been extremely over extended with commitments and has been feeling totally crappy for not maintaining my blog amongst other things I enjoy.

"Baby Piggy" is a custom order for Sarah, in California, to gift to an expecting girlfriend of hers from highschool who lives here in Denver. My task was to paint a piggy and the words "baby piggy" (an inside joke to the two of them) Sarah allowed me full reign with the creation of this onesie...sometimes I think these are the best! I was happy with the outcome- it's really vibrant in real life- and I actually did not forget to sign this one!

My "signature" for these custom duds has been on the brain- I'm trying to come up with a custom flare to add a finishing touch and of course provide a little Baby Lux branding!

Tonight I've finishing another baby tee for Amy to give Kylie (another derby girlfriend of ours.) I'll post a picture when finished. Finding time to paint has been next to impossible with Arlin sick. Poor little guy needs a little extra lovin' and I feel ever so guilty if I don't give it.


  • team woelfel

    finding time is impossible. where does it go? time i miss you.

  • Pamaw

    Very cute!

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