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Whole lot a Diggin'...

House Fix remodel

Whole lot a diggin' goin' ON round here!

After getting a close to 5 thousand dollar estimate, from Chad's parents landscaper; for the removing of the pond plumbing, surrounding rock decor and filling in the 1,200 plus gallon hole in the ground...

I figured it was nothing a little sweat and tears couldn't manage on our own! Yep, took a hold of that shovel and started digging! It took one whole afternoon to dig out the pond machinery pumps along with digging out all the piping that was almost a foot under ground running the length of the pond. The next step was filling in the hole. The previous owners had some crazy hill- hump of dirt design that ran the length of the back I pulled out of the the "lambs ear" plants (which I 've grown to despise- let me tell you, that's a whole 'nother story) and shoveled scoop by scoop the dirt and slung it over my shoulder into the gapping hole in the ground.....

Yeah, in retrospect a $34 dollar wheel barrel at Home Depot would have been a smart purchase for the Larsen's this weekend. Compared to what we're about to spend seeing the Chiropractor! Ha. both of us feel injured- but Hey, we saved some serious green-backs by tasking this job by our selves.

While we were at it, Chad bought a gate/door kit from Home Depot and cut a opening in the back yard fence, so we can take the trash to the alley way without having to open the garage door every time. (then accidentally forgetting to close the garage door) Thank gosh the previous owner of our house is a Denver Police officer who still patrols the neighborhood- Yes...he has reported back to us- He's shut our garage door in the middle of the night on more than one occasion!

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  • team woelfel on

    wow! amazing work, you guys rock. we’ve got some of those lamb’s ear and they are every where. we gotta go get some rock and paver stones for our yard. i’m so behind. there is a whole corner at the front of the house i haven’t even wanted to mess with.

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