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O.k... so Kami tagged Abby...and I read Abby's blog, so I guess that makes me "tagged" goes...

20 years ago... I was 10, almost 11 years old and in the 5th grade at Pine Elementary School. And oddly enough I remember my 4th grade teachers name (Ms. Miller) and my 6th grade teachers name (Mr. Jones) but have no clue who my teacher was for 5th grade...must have not been paying attention much in class... for all I can remember I couldn't wait for recess time, I loved racing relay races on the 50 yard dash, oh and dodge ball too! I was friends with Summer Shea and Jenell Lawson, we often went to the local Mexican candy shop after school and got spicy mango suckers-don't ask...some mango candy dipped in chile' powder.yum they were good in a weird way...I can still taste 'em now.

10 years ago... I was 20, almost 21 years old. Oh- good ole' San Diego State University. An art major, pulling off-almost every assignment by luck of natural ability, cause god only knows I mastered the art of procrastination. I was working as a waitress/bartender at Mission Valley T.G.I.Friday's restaurant, making way more money than anyone that age should, and I was damn capable of spending every dime of it, just being a girl in college. I lived in a house on Fabor Street, 2 blocks from the dorm I lived in previously...with 3 other girl roommates, Melissa (a French foreign exchange student- my favorite) Courtney Bunt, and Jill Powers. Our house was stalked by some crazy pervert for the entire time we lived was actually pretty scary, I remember the SD Police teaching all of us girls how to safely spray pepper-spray in our front lawn one day after class...ugh weird.

5 Years o.k. do the math, I was 25 almost 26. Just married for the first time. wow... it feels like forever ago when I think back on it. I knew saying "yes" wasn't the right thing to do, but did it anyways. I had ultimately envisioned "love" to be something completely different. But was at the appropriate age, that marriage seemed like something you did...and I never thought I was settling, until things got tough. and I mean tough. I was no longer just responsible for myself. I was a step-mom, a wife, and very much a financial contributor to that dynamic. I worked 3 jobs... Starbucks in the morning (4am), Lux Interior Design in the day time, and Fillipi's Pizza joint as a waitress at night...ha! and to think my interior design client's believed I actually chose to drive a little Ford Focus because I was living "green" and a hipster?! Oh...well, I guess the saying goes..."fake it till ya' make it".........or something like that.

3 Years ago...Not a good space or time in life. I was failing right out of my first marriage. Desperate not to feel the like a failure, but I wasn't the glue I thought I could be. I learned the hardest lesson at that time in my life- that I could not change someone! I focused all my energy on changing another being- and I left no room for me to be happy. I lost complete focus...and I was lost for quite sometime thereafter. Not proud, but grateful for the irreplaceable wisdom I bestow today. I'm a better person because of my past, it took learning, and forgiving, but I am...a better person.

Yesterday...I cleaned the house like a mad woman. Hung out with my favorite little guy, took some pictures of him in his new kicks Chad and I got him this weekend...when we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary, yes, a couple days late, but we waited till the weekend... and yes, I am totally spoiled- Chad upgraded my wedding ring- with a new setting and the addition of 2 diamonds. (I consider myself beyond lucky to have found LOVE in Colorado, or did it find me?) Oh...and I went to derby practice after I cooked dinner for the two of us- Fajita grilled shrimp salad- trying to help Chad with Body for Life diet- again.

Tomorrow, I'm going to enjoy my morning cup of coffee, never thought I'd say it but, I'm really starting to enjoy mornings, I love waking up to Arlin, his big smile and wave hello. Maybe I'll continue my search for a bike trailer/jogger converter for Arlin, I really want to get one before the summer is over. I stayed busy running errands today, and took Arlin with me. It feels good to get away from the routine of the house- Arlin likes to be out and about too- as long as it's not cutting into his nap time! I need to go food shopping too-cause we're going camping this weekend up at Guanella Pass. I'll cook dinner again for Chad before I go to Derby scrimmage practice at 7pm.

You read've just been tagged.

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  • team woelfel

    wow we both worked 3 jobs at once starting with the ol buck in the early am and both had to learn that hard lesson that you can’t change someone. you are one busy lady! have fun camping! we need to go sometime.

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