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Rock the Vote...

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So...I'm almost 31. Yep, seven more days. A lot years have gone by and I've refused to register to vote. Even though I had a million and one chances to while attending San Diego State University, lord only knows student activists hackled the crap out of me during my walks through the parking garage overpass, I always said NO.

I never felt like voting. I never had a desire to support a running candidate. I also could not define myself as a "Republican" or a "Democratic" me a fence sitter, whatever.
Seriously, I can honestly say I've been disenchanted with politics thus far in my life. Clinton and Bush. They both suck in their own way. I didn't see myself as a bad citizen for not voting.

The DNC, Denver National's here right underneath my nose, I've been reading about it, bits and pieces here and there. This is the second time Denver has hosted this event. The first time, was exactly 100 hundred years ago in 1908. For Theodore Roosevelt.

I watched Barack Obama's speech, Thursday, I teared up a few times. I connected with what he said. He seemed real, passionate, and hungry for change. A phenomenal speaker I thought he was, unlike Bush (who i.m.o...sounds like an eighth grader when speaking always stumbling over himself, often using words out of context) I was moved and felt a spark to be involved in politics, as an American citizen. A spark I've never felt before.

I wanted to register to vote.

And proudly I did. Last night I got online, and registered as a Colorado resident for the first time.

I suppose it's obvious, who I'll be voting for in November.

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  • team woelfel on

    yey! so glad, i just think with how many fucked up decisions the bush regime has made it’s time for REAL change. i get so worried when i watch documentaries about the climate and what kind of world palmer will be living in. i’ve never been so actively paying attention to an election that’s for sure and i will be voting for change in november too. . . i hope it happens!

  • Pamaw on

    Be very careful what you wish for! You will get change at your expense by way of higher taxes. You cannot GIVE everyone health care & college unless the Chad's of the world pony up for a huge tax bill. And when it comes to war well…"history teaches that when you become indifferent and lose the will to fight someone who has the will to fight will take over".

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