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Some pictures of our weekend camping up at Guanella Pass. Chad, Arlin and I went up early Friday afternoon. Chad's parents Anna Maria and Les were suppose to meet up with us that evening, but in the dark, with no cell phone service they were unable to find us. We weren't at a well known campsite, we choose a hidden spot by Clear Water Creek and it was hard to explain even using mile markers where we were.

Luckily enough they found us early Saturday morning.

Friday night was sooo cold I could barely stand it. The weather man really lied to us this time! I am so lucky I packed clothes for Arlin and me for that "just in case" situation. Because we all had on every article of clothing we packed. All three of us slept in 2 sleeping bags zipped together. Arlin was in between Chad and I bundled up in a snowsuit (that was too small)so we had to cut off the feet and put socks and his knit booties from Pamaw (which barely fit)- I can't believe he's already outgrown this suit!

After we connected with Chad's parents we decided to drive into Silverthorne about 35 minutes west of where we were to see if we could buy better sleeping bags or at least some better thermals and a a stalking cap for Arlin's noggin. We were successful with the thermals, had a nice lunch at a local brewery then headed back to our camping site- I know- lunch at a brewery- we're really roughing it! ha.

I'm learning,slowly but surely, that I need to be the planner. I cannot count on Chad to rally the appropriate camping necessities. Well when it comes to gadgets and toys we have it all and then some...but food that's another story! We went shopping for food at Walmart to fill the cooler before we headed out of town, I was focused on getting food for Arlin, Chad was getting food for us- when we ate dinner that night my choices were meat, meat and oh, we have this meat too! No side dishes, no snacks....just meat! Steaks, Sausages, Chicken, Lil Smokies with Cheddar(gross)...Chad couldn't understand why I was perplexed- to him camping means "MAN" stuff...which means MEAT! It's like he turns into the Cave Man...I swear.

Needless to stay I was thrilled his parents found us...and they had produce! and side dishes in tow!

The second night was much nicer, it didn't get as cold, We all slept better, and enjoyed hanging out round the campfire- only thing missing was smores! I'm determined next camping trip to have some good ol' smores!!!

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