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Look Back...


Yesterday I turned 31. Maybe it's a fem problem but geez, I was like down in the dumps. I cried almost all day off and on. Seriously lame.

In the morning I attempted to start a blog but never finished it, as almost everything these days seems to be unfinished. I really don't know how any of you mothers of multiples do it.

Anyways, here is my list of happenings that made a chalk mark tick in my brain. Some are accomplishments I suppose. All of the abvoe took place in the calendar year from age 30 to 31...and btw- I'm NOT celebrating my birthday anymore- nope...I'm just gonna stay 31 forever.

O.K… I

-gave birth to Arlin Jack
-celebrated my 2 yr. wedding anniversary (got my engagement ring upgraded...a new setting with 2 of my grandmas stones!)
-spent time with family over the holidays
-took our 1st family vacation with Arlin to Florida
-traveled to see my grandfather- who I hadn’t seen in 15 years, to introduce Arlin Jack
-Registered to vote for the first time
-got a new car
-appraisal on our house went up 100k plus
-filled in the pond in the backyard- got it ready for new landscaping
-remodeled the kitchen; painted the cabinets, new slate floors and granite counter -top on the kitchen island
-cooked a turkey! & entire Thanksgiving dinner for the 1st time
-went camping with Arlin Jack for the 1st time
lost over 45 pounds after having Arlin-which was a first New Years resolution I’ve ever completely accomplished
-returned to derby, tested up, got drafted to a team, and competed in my 1st bout at the Denver Coliseum
-traveled to Milwaukee to participate in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association annual meeting
-wrote a Newbie League Mentoring Process- that was voted on and passed for the WFTDA organization
-went to Las Vegas for Roller Con, with nine of my Denver Roller Doll mates
-finished 11 and counting custom baby onesies
-became a board member for the Denver Roller Dolls
-joined the Denver Recreational Center
-painted 3 plus canvas'
-read the book Blink
-re-vamped the front yard landscaping
-watched the whole season of criminal minds with Chad (love that show)
-inspired 10 people to start the body for life program
-staying up to date on current politics
-taken more pictures than ever before in my entire life- yes my kid is CUTE.

I'm sure there's more...but in 5 minutes over my morning cup of joe this is the list I mustered up! Maybe the saying...

"we become wiser with age..."

is appropriate after all.

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  • team woelfel on

    ok, what i do is make a new years resolution. well birthday resolution, cuz it’s a new year for me. last year it was not to freak out about getting older. i have to admit this year, as i sat at home alone on my birthday i started to feel a little whoa, wtf. . . . but wrote in my journal, drew some cards, took a bath, went to bed with my friends (sex and the city) and it was pretty good. i’m the first one to give myself a bithday party and be a leo, but that’s coming next year. . . . so you have a year to prepare, and obviously, you NEED to celebrate! i’m glad you’re in the world and i would make time and take time to have fun with you on your birthday! xo

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