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One stroke at a time...

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In college art class I painted many oil paintings...But I left them all behind.

I waited for the grade and then left them sitting right in the shelf slot...with a post it note on them that said..."free to good home".

I was always so sick of my paintings after they were finished. Tired of looking at them I suppose. Oil frustrated me back then- probably because I sat in front of the painting for hours only moving the paint around over and over again- never giving it a chance to settle and dry a bit. Clouded by my perfectionist ways- I was impatient back then.

Now, with Arlin I can't sit for hours and paint...I can only paint a little here and there. It works...I'm not so bad with oil after all.

I really enjoy painting. A lot.

I wish I had more time to paint...but then again maybe I'd suck at it all over.

I started this 12 x 12 canvas in acrylic- afraid of oil. then dove into the oils we have in the studio...this magnolia is not finished...not yet.

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