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Driving home from derby the other night- I realized my little guy is no longer 9 months old. Geez! The Captain is creeping on his first birthday in less than a month.

So, needless to say standing in the Whole Foods grocery store "baby" isle to hand select those infamous jarred baby foods is a thing of the past.

It's time for Chef Mama to take center stage and figure out a healthy, well balanced diet to feed this growing tot of mine.

I dabbled with some internet research and reading an archaic book that we have and I brainstormed between my readings and research and whipped up the first batch of food for Arlin yesterday morning.

I boiled some brown rice, organic sweet potatoes and broccoli florets. I George Foreman grilled a chicken breast and chopped it up into super small chunks. I boiled 8 ounces of formula and mixed in some organic mozzarella cheese until melted and then combined the rice and formula/cheese mixture, then added sweet potatoes and chicken to one batch and broccoli florets and chicken in another batch...the other batch was just chicken.

The Captain seemed to really enjoy his lunch yesterday...that made me happy.

He seems to have gotten a bug from the Children's Museum, called the pediatrician for advice and were making slow progress. These bugs are normal and I'm sure will battle many "bugs" over our lifetime.

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