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Inspired by shoes?

Maybe...what is that vain of me or something?- who cares where the inspiration comes from- it's going to keep me healthy and sane.

I've been brainstorming lately a goal for the derby off season- a challenge, and something I've always wanted to do...a marathon. Who knows maybe I'm looking for something to retire derby all together. Yes, I'm having troubles balancing Arlin, home, Chad and the business world of derby- which does not pay me and has sort of lost it's luster... I find myself wondering just what I could do with all the time derby takes. There are a lot of maybes frolicking in my head... it's not a bad thing if I were to put derby to rest. I've finally realized it just might be a possibility?

Anyways...Although I think it would be really cool to say I've finished a triathlon- I think I'll start with just running first. I've been dabbling on the internet for races coming up in the next year. And I found this race in Fort Collins in May, the terrain looks really cool in the map shots. You can check it out by clicking the link below.

When researching the web these are the things repeatedly suggested to identify yourself as a beginner runner. Which I think I can say yes to all- although I'm not exactly sure I'm in excellent health- I'm not too bad?!

As a beginning runner, there are some important considerations to be aware of before training for and running a race. Before undertaking any hard physical endeavor or beginning a new type of training program it is always wise to consult your physician. A beginner, for the purposes of this schedule, is defined as a person who:

  • Has never run a marathon
  • Is presently running at least 2 hours (total) each week
  • Can run continuously for at least 30 minutes
  • Is in excellent health

You train for 20 weeks leading up to a 10k marathon. running an on off schedule increasing the increments of time and terrain you run. There are actually a lot of resources out there to tap into if you want to learn. But it looks like I'll be running by myself- cause Chad says he only runs if it's from the police- and obviously that's never. Heh- oh well, it might be something I'd want to do alone's not like you can chat and sip tea with someone while running.

As I sign off...I just realized publishing this blog puts it out there for others to read- and maybe hold me accountable.

Maybe I just might be able to say...I achieved a marathon in the year 2009.


  • Pamaw

    Are you crazy???

    I am with Chad. Sounds like too much work.

  • team woelfel

    wow for you. at some point i’d love to do one too, but until i’m done with school, my goal #1 is graduating (in MAY!!!!) then maybe it’s a dream, but i hope to have a bit more time for me. at least i’m doing yoga again a couple days a week!

    we HAVE to catch up here at some point.

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