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House Fix

We finally hired a contractor to come out and do some work on the house. First on the list was to hang the ceiling fan I bought forever ago in the kitchen to match the new black cabinets. It was so high even a 16 foot ladder couldn't reach it! So the guy went to Home Depot and bought a huge 2x4 plank and rested it on the ladder and the sun window in the bathroom to stand on and install. The first day they hung the ceiling fan and fixed the doggy door- Yay! it's now all sealed up and ready for me to touch up paint- No more cold air coming in from outside! Whew...I was worried about our heating bill with winter creeping right around the corner.

The second day they came out to cut the floor and try and release paint sealed pocket doors. I was excited to see they were at least salvageable...with this house being built in 1880 you never know what you're gonna get. It's taken me a whole day to clean them up...but there really heavy wood doors actually pretty nice. I think I'm going to invest in some paint removal goop from the Depot to help me get the layers of paint of can see in the pictures- they were once a khaki- greenish color same as the dining room walls are...then I think they tried painting them the same color as the dining room ceiling which is a buttermilk creamy color-without the doors being primed first, they didn'tt take the second or who knows what number coat of paint!

So needless to say I have a project on my hands. But without derby practice at night...I need plenty of things to keep me busy. I also finally ordered a new fireplace screen for the living room, it got here yesterday. For the money it's pretty cool- next on my hunt is a 52" bronze ceiling fan to replace the living room brass eye sore. This house is like playing a game of domino's!

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  • Pamaw

    Looks like a real find from here!! Chad needs a pat on the back for pushing for that one.

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