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Years of paint...

House Fix house fix remodel restoration stripping paint

Yes, I'm a dork taking pictures of myself scrapping the doors we free'd from hibernation...someone's gotta document this madness.

I started off with energy of a freight train. One door barely done and sore arms from scrapping four layers of paint and still more to go...I'd say I have the energy of a 2 stroke lawn mower.

Seriously, this sucks.

I can only work on the doors at night when little man is sleeping cause the stripping solution scares me and I don't want him to be anywhere near it. I'm still determined to finish them, but I'd be lying to you if I didn't admit to Google searching companies who do refinishing wood work!

I found a local pet groomer by the Whole Foods that I can walk Otis to for a good dog grooming. It's a Russian guy who I can barely understand but he's really nice and Otis LOVES him. He did a fantastic job and charged me $5 bucks less than our vet does.... and I don't have to put Otis in the car to get him there and it's a win win!

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