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Good bye tile...HELLO Tin!!!

House Fix house fix upgrade

Here are the before shots...ugh I despised this tile back splash- it's like a kitchen straight outta' a cheesy mafia flick.

Those are my business cards as markers for measuring.
Ta....Da! I love it, I love it!
Picture above...I still have to border under the cabinet but you can't see this unless you duck down and look...

So, my big idea for the wood trim-instead of going to Maaco car parts and paint store... and pay them through the nose for a color match ($50 bucks plus) I was laying in bed and it dawned on me I still have a huge box of finger nail polish from Cadee when we use to live together in San Diego...I got up and dug around and found just what I needed-a metallic grey and it matches perfectly! (I tested a piece of wood and let it dry over night)

The run down for those inquiring minds. These are thermal plastic panels made by a company called ACP, you can order them online for less (even paying shipping cost)of or you can heckle the guys at home depot who carry a small selection of these for a price match... like Mama did! I was orgininally going to order through a company called American Tin Ceiling- that I was familiar with through interior design work in San Diego... but they don't have the adhesive tape option, you have to use some crazy glue which would destroy the tile (who knows- if we sell they may want the mafia tile?!) they also don't manufacture any type of J-trim molding which I used to border the kitchen sink area...and well I felt more comfortable having home depot 3 miles away in case I needed more supplies.

I finished most of this project in one night while Chad was in Seattle, I did have to go buy one more panel to be able to pattern match. I wanted it to be a surprise for Chad when he got home last night. We've been talking about doing it- but I kept second guessing my measurements etc. Finally, I just went for it.

Chad was blown away at how cool it looks. He said...

"Once again did your" thang" and it looks fantastic!"

It really does add to the cabinet hardware and appliances. Next on the brain...The company makes a hammered finish and some other flatter looking patterned designs...I think I'm going to refinish the face of the dishwasher?! Thoughts?

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  • Pamaw on

    Wow, I am really impressed.

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