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Good News...all around.

Baby Lux Business

News Update #1:
Baby Lux Designs is now "live" online, with a fully operational shopping cart feature. I'm now able to share my custom creations internationally with the capacity to ship abroad! BIG Thanks to for working hard on this project...I couldn't have done it without you guys.

News Update #2:
Baby Lux Designs has gone retail! That's right, as of yesterday you can purchase Baby Lux at Polkadot on South Pearl St. in Denver. Polkadot is now carrying;

  • All handpainted Baby Lux onesies
  • 6 Custom crib/ stroller blankets
  • My hand made glass magnets
  • And various custom hand painted aprons for Polkadot's gift baskets

I'm excited to have the chance to be featured as a local artist in Denver and be able to sell my creations to the online world- and can only day dream about what comes next.

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