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Just when...

British Virgin Islands sailboat Travel

I thought things couldn't get any better...the phone rings.

Marco, Chad's brother has invited us on broad the Pentesilea II to tour the Virgin Islands for five days in December!

Good bye snow...'Ello! Sun!

I took a few laps running around the kitchen thinking about the details...the location we had to board the boat was in St. Thomas, Oh, my gosh! Tampa where "Pamaw" is in December is on the way to St. Thomas...we could drop little man off with grandma and have a romantic vacation in the Virgin Islands!

Then I started doin' the "Ooot" dance (I'll explain later) as I jumped on the tele to ring my mom to see if she was up for watching Arlin Jack so we could plan this get away. She was just as excited as I was about the possibility of watching the Captain.

YES! YES...we're booking flights this weekend! Life is good. I can taste that margarita or maybe a martini and feel the sun on my face now.....OH, how mama needs a vacation!

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