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New Do...

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Slightly asymmetrical.
Platinum stripe in the front only seen if I part my hair to the right...
Orange/kinda metallic panel hidden on the left it plays peek-a-boo with different styling.

Chop Chop.

I said I'd never do it.

I thought if I cut my hair off really short it made me a "Mom." or what's that forbidden word?

Ugh...yes, "matronly."

Well, I am a Mommy and I would be either way, long, or short hair- so I suppose throwing my rationale out the window last weekend wasn't hard to do.

I went and saw Michelle (aka Lois Muertes) at Vain salon I told her I was ready for something new and I gave her full reign to do whatever she pleased. I knew I trusted her and I'm sure she doesn't get to do just anything she feels like on her other clients?! I think freedom allows artists their best works to come alive...

I was the last to leave the salon, poor Michelle, I think I was in a little shock and kinda quiet. This was/is the shortest I've ever had my hair cut in my entire life! Shorter than that bob cut my Mom's hairdresser gave me when he cut a long braid of my hair off, shoot...that was back in 8th grade! (I've emailed Michelle since telling her she rocks!)

I came home a little shy to see Chad. I walked through the door and his jaw dropped-in a good way... Yay, I was relieved.

Truth is the "do" has totally grown on me. You're not any older or less sexy with short hair.

Chop Chop!

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  • team woelfel on

    ok, totally not as short as my short hair but you look like a stylish sexy skinny mom! i totally love it and want to get some funky color now too.

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