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car accident Personal

Ugh. I don't know which is more bruised the car or my ego.

Yes, folks, I did the one thing you are not suppose to do...look back on the baby, losing focus of the car in front of me.

Yesterday, Arlin and I were out running errands- gonna have the girls (Cadee, Sarah, Navie, Amy and maybe Abbey and Palmer Sioux) over for dinner while Chad was out of town on business.

I had just pulled onto Broadway from Girard St. I sat at that red light forever- Arlin was extremely fussy, he's been cutting (2) back bottom molars for the past several days, motrin doesn't even seem to help his discomfort. Just as I turned onto Broadway Arlin's fussing went into a full temper tantrum, he started crying throwing his pacifier on the ground, it landed in the cup holder right next to me. Mama's instinct- pick it up and turn around to give it to him....

SmasH, bOOm, BanG!


Right as I turned around to look at the road, little old Betty Coxhead was making the slowest darn turn into the gas station you could ever imagine. I turned the steering wheel and slammed on the brakes with all my might and the car slid right into her rear.

I turned to see if Arlin was alright...he was wailing...crying big crocodile tears, I couldn't get my drivers door open, so I climbed out the passenger side and got Arlin out of his car seat to examine him from head to toe- I think I was sort of in shock, I was shaking so bad and I couldn't stop.

Once I knew Arlin was o.k. I ran to the window of "Betty's" car. "Oh my gosh mam' I am so terribly sorry. Are you alright?"

Instantly the woman started hollaring at me- she was mad. I felt horrible. Just horrible. I couldn't stop crying. All this happened right in front of a Conoco gas station. A man that was getting gas and saw everything, came up to help me. He told me to calm down- that everything was going to be o.k., no one got hurt everything is o.k. He moved my car out of the street as I couldn't because I wouldn't let go of Arlin and I wouldn't put him back in the car. The man called the police for me to make a report. Then poof he was gone- I never go to say thank you...

The whole time I couldn't believe how nice everyone was to me, the police officer was very helpful and understanding "accidents happen mam' and your son is o.k., so you're doing good this far." I was continuously apologetic to the woman, she kept swatting her hand in my face hollaring you were driving so fast, too fast lady!!! I knew I couldn't have been driving too fast, I hadn't even driven 200 feet from where I had turned onto the street and for heaven sake I'm in a Honda, it doesn't have that much power.
Thank gosh- I was only going about 20-25 miles and no one got hurt.

Joel and Chad's friends to the rescue. Jim came and helped me transfer the car seat out of the Honda and into Joel's Pssat and got me home so I could make all the necessary calls with the insurance agency, the adjuster, the towing company, Ralph Shomp Honda, and the collision center. On the way home Jim told me not to feel so bad, years ago when his kids were younger he had done the same exact thing, turned around to attend to them and rear ended someone...ugh.

After Jim dropped Arlin and I off at the house, I put Arlin in his crib (his afternoon nap was way past due) then I sat on the bathroom floor crying. I was such an idiot, my stomach hurt bad, all the chaos caught up and I was physically sick.

I'll say- I have the most understanding husband and friends you could ever ask for. All Chad's worried about is me and of course the captain. "Honey it's just a car, that's why we have insurance, please, don't worry about it I'll be home tomorrow."

Joel and Kirk called to check in on me last night. Asking if I was o.k. and if I needed anything. Everyone's made me feel a bit better about this banged up situation. I feel blessed to have such good people around me.(thanks you guys!)

Please keep your fingers crossed with this traffic infraction ticket (driving too closely) and my 2 speeding tickets- Mama doesn't lose her drivers license. Yikes :-(

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  • team woelfel on

    awe, that sucks so bad i am sooooooo glad you guys are alright! let me know if i can do anything and we’d love to come visit you guys asap! and don’t you feel bad. i’ve done it quite a few times. . .

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