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Magnetic Force

1 glass magnets Magnets

I had to blog about something- I can't stand seeing the picture of the car all smashed up. I've been busy making magnets and painting onesies.

Therapy...all my creativity is like free therapy.

I truly love making crafts and painting. I don't even think twice if the things I make are going to sell or not. Call me crazy. At least I identify it's my therapy work- why would I pay for someone to tell me that. hahaha...come on's funny.

I'll post more pictures tomorrow- I found really cool silver tin containers for these magnets to be sold in.

Today I finished a series of wine themed magnets along with a wine label hand painted apron for Diane, the owner @ Polkadot to share with a customer of hers who is ordering a custom gift basket.

signing off-

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  • team woelfel on

    me too. . . we need to start crafting together sometimes. collaboration is good :)

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