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Shotgun Betties!

Roller Derby

The revival of the Shotgun Betties!!!

The Shotgun Betties are coming back! This awesome teamed was retired a few years ago when the Denver Roller Dolls decided to have a travel team. Now the league is large enough to bring back the Shotgun Betties in addition to the Mile High Club (travel team), The Bad Apples, and the Green Barrettes

Yes, I'm proud to say I've been re-drafted for the 2009 season to the Shotgun Betties. Don't get me wrong, I will definitely miss some of my fellow Green Barrette team mates... but I couldn't be more excited to skate with the Shotgun Betties. We have such a great combination of skaters and team captains leading the way- & can I just tell you our uniforms ROCK! (True cowgirl tops-chocolate brown with our skater names in hot pink western font and they even have pink rhinestone button detailing!:))

These pictures are from our first team dinner of many! We first met for dinner first at an Italian restaurant up north to talk team logistics, like; about our team uniforms, monthly team practice schedule, etc. Then we all headed to the Grizzly Rose for libations and bull riding! As you can tell we didn't have any fun at all!

Omg. My rear and legs are still sore from riding that darn bull...

Oh, it was so much fun!

I can't wait for our next team dinner- we vowed to try and have one at least once a month- maybe not at the Grizzly Rose every time but at least have a potluck gathering at one of our homes to work on strategy and enjoy some team bonding- so we can kick some boo-tay this upcoming season.


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