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Tis the season...

I just love coming home to packages on my door step...especially when the label reads TO: Tyler Larsen!
This is a first! I have never had a fresh wreath of my own! It smells SO good and it's not even out of the bag yet!

It's Gorgeous! I can not tell you how fresh & awesome it smells!

Thank You Aunt Patty & David!

So, I'm totally in the Holiday mood now.. I mean, how can I not be?! I've even been listening to the Christmas music that Joely left us on his I-Mac that we bought from him (thank you Joel for all the loads of good music you left us, I love some of the albums especially Band of Horses-I've been meaning to down load their albums forever)

So in my festive mood I've been on a major cooking spree, ya I'm feeling kind of fluffy because of it! Yikes, got the Virgin Islands right around the corner (woo hoo yay!)

Maybe I'll go running in the morning, ya that's what I'll do.

But anyways, back to the cooking fun...I made 2 fantastic desserts for Thanksgiving which we took to Chad's parents house. One, was a Cranberry Short-bread Bliss Bar (tart but perfect for after Thanksgiving dinner) and the other one was a Pumpkin Cheesecake Pecan-Nutty Bar (wow, this was hands down the best of both worlds...pumpkin pie & cheesecake merged together in heavenly matrimony!)- They both were a fabulous hit at the Thanksgiving gathering...I'll post recipes a.s.a.p- that's if I remember of course.

Picked these up on clearance today- don't know why, but I HAD to have them. Not exactly sure where I'm going to put them just yet. I'm sure it will come to me while trying to fall asleep tonight- just like everything else seems to arrive in my mind. (And YES- that's me making a funny face at you in the ornament) ha.

And here is our lovely Christmas tree! (I promised a picture) I started decorating it Friday night and Stella helped me a bit when she got here. This is the first year I've had my granny's ornaments to put on the tree. Grandma Ruby is just the coolest! All the ornaments were packaged perfectly in their original boxes- and talk about a walk down memory lane for me.

Geez...I gotta get back to Cali, sooner than later, to visit with Grandma & Grandpa.

Alrighty folks!- Tis the season... find the "mistletoe" and be Merry!!!

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