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Baby Lux Business custom Custom Clothing hand painted onesie


Just finished this custom Kimono style outfit for baby Lacy. Inspiration was an Ll Bean red sleigh Laura and Victor bought their daughter Lacy Mae for Christmas.
Lacy is almost 6 months old and the next milestone for her will be crawling so I thought I'd put the majority of artwork/design on the back of the outfit. The sleigh reigns form into spelling "Lacy" and the free hand snowflakes wrap around the left shoulder and down onto the front leg. (Oh, and on the bum too!)

I had just walked in the door from a walk with Arlin this afternoon and Laura drove up to pick up Lacy's outfit (hence the quick snap shot pictures)...Unfortunately, I didn't get time to set up shop and shoot better photographs of the finished product...

Anyways, I was happy to get the order finished before the New Year, and see Laura's reaction when she saw the outfit...I thought it was pretty cute myself!

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