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Here is a sneak peek on a new onesie I'm currently working on. I love it! In fact this little hooter has won a place in my heart...I've decided to take one of my dud art pieces upstairs- a 10x 10 canvas and paint this little guy again so he can be perched right beside my desk for more inspiration. I don't know why I like him so much but I do!
There is still talk about what's going to complete his setting on the tee...

a branch with a cherry blossom?...

the saying "nite owl"...OR..."Ooot Ooot!"

Hmm, it will come to me. In fact most of the time while painting my onesies something distracts me or I'm just by nature clumsy and I drop the paint brush- this typically happens 3/4 of the way to completion and I have to get creative and figure a way to salvage the design making the mistaken blob of some random color into part of the design with flow and symmetry...Let me tell you, I've created some intensely challenging situations for myself to fix. But some of my favorites shirts happen this way.


So I finally took Chad's advice and broke down and purchased a paint spinner rack from Michaels for my onesie/craft painting. I've tried spending a couple dollars here and there for quick storage remedies - all in which were failures. I was so excited to get this bad boy out of the box and get my paints into their cubbies! The rack can hold up to 160 (2) ounce bottles! I have more paint to put in from upstairs, but it looks like I'll be picking up sale colors for awhile now. Yay.

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